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[download .zip (version 1.4)]
[download .zip (version 2)]

The Nice Wee Theme is a crisp, smart brown-on-white design with a right sidebar and horizontal page navigation. It might not look like it, but it is an adaptation of the default Kubrick theme and is based on the Scotproof design.

A choice of header icons is provided as a set of gifs in the images/headers folder, so you can choose one that suits the theme of your website, and you can also upload your own avatar.


[download .zip (version 1.4)]
[download .zip (version 2)]

Main features

  • Compatible with Wordpress 2.9
  • Two columns
  • Fixed width
  • Horizontal page menu
  • Compatible with sidebar widgets
  • Supports gravatars when used with Wordpress 2.5 and above
  • Supports tags when used with Wordpress 2.3 and above
  • Fully tested on IE7, IE6, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome browsers
  • Valid XHTML and CSS


Download the file (version 2), unzip it and upload the niceweetheme folder to wp-content/themes. Then select the theme through your Wordpress administration panel.


The avatar can easily be changed by uploading an image titled me.jpg to the images folder; this will overwrite the existing avatar. Create your own custom avatar at Face Your Manga or upload a photo. Make sure it’s no wider than 190 pixels for it to fit nicely in the sidebar.

Header icons

A range of 100×100 pixel header icons (in the top left of the layout) is provided in the theme’s images/headers folder, made from Photoshop’s custom shapes. You can view them here.

To swap header, edit the stylesheet in the theme editor. Find #headerimg and change the background image to the one of your choice, eg change

background: #ffffff url('images/headers/flower4.gif') no-repeat;


background: #ffffff url('images/headers/tools.gif') no-repeat;

Then just ‘Update File’ to save your changes. To make your blog really personal, you could always create your own 100×100 pixel image, upload it to the images/headers folder and use that instead.


Is this theme compatible with Wordpress 2.9?
The Nice Wee Theme is compatible with Wordpress 2.9. It is also backwards-compatible with previous versions of Wordpress.

Where do I pay?
The Nice Wee Theme is free! However, if you like it and feel compelled to show your appreciation, we won’t object if you make a Paypal donation.


Why are my post and page titles all in lowercase?
Because we made them that way. If you want to change them, look for h2 in the typography and colours section of the stylesheet:

h2 {
font-size: 1.6em;
font-weight: normal;
text-transform: lowercase;

…and delete or comment out “text-transform: lowercase;“.

Help, I have a problem with the theme!
Please leave a comment here and we will endeavour to respond. However, note that we have full-time jobs and other commitments and can’t promise anything. The theme uses valid XHTML and CSS and has been tested on a range of browsers (IE6, IE7, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome), but we can’t guarantee that it will be compatible with all plugins.


The Nice Wee Theme is released under the Creative Commons GNU GPL. We’d appreciate it if you would keep the credit to us in the footer.


Version 2 – 18 January 2010 – now available in two colours, brown and blue. Margins tidied up for a more symmetrical look.

Version 1.4 – 9 January 2010 – tested in Wordpress 2.9; posts with multiple pages now handled on main blog page and in archives; copyright year in footer is now automatically updated.

Version 1.3 – 11 December 2008 – tested in Wordpress 2.7; comments adapted for Wordpress 2.7 (threaded comments); comments enabled for pages.

Version 1.2 – 8 November 2008 – Avatar moved in sidebar.php so that it will be included automatically whether or not widgets are used. Theme description updated in style.css.

Version 1.1 – 8 October 2008

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