Nice Wee Theme: automatically update the copyright year in your footer

This is something I’ll include in future versions of the Nice Wee Theme, but in the meantime, to update the copyright year in the footer to 2009 – and to ensure that it updates automatically in future years, so you never have to touch it again – here’s what to do:

1. Dowload and open the theme’s footer.php file.
2. Replace this line:

<p>&copy; 2008 <?php bloginfo('name'); ?><br />

With this line:

<p>&copy; <?php echo date('Y'); ?> <?php bloginfo('name'); ?><br />

3. Save and upload.

The code

<?php echo date('Y'); ?>

will dynamically change the date at the start of each new year.

Widening the Nice Wee Theme

I was recently asked how to increase the width of the Nice Wee Theme. By default the main (text) column is 450 pixels wide; this user wanted the main column to be 500 pixels so he could add wider images to his posts. This can be done by making six alterations to the theme’s style.css, including increasing the overall width of the theme from 730 to 780 pixels.

In case anyone else is in the same boat, here are the bits you need to alter (line numbers are indications only – yours may differ):

line 22
width: 500px;

line 303
width: 780px;

line 311
width: 500px;

line 331
width: 500px;

line 338
width: 500px;

line 643
margin-left: 565px;

Sollas Bookbinding

On Saturday I went on a box-making workshop, run by local bookbinder Corinna Krause. It was an excellent day – I learned a lot, met some new people and came away with a beautiful handmade box that I’ll keep forever.

Making boxes

Corinna has a website, Sollas Bookbinding, where you can find out about her craft, the bookbinding and box-making workshops she runs, and how to buy her products.

Sollas Bookbinding

I’m hoping to attend one of the bookbinding courses next time; subscribe to the website’s RSS feed to be kept informed of upcoming events.

Sollas Translation

Sollas Translation

Sollas Translation is an English/Gaelic/German translation service run by Corinna Krause on the island of North Uist. Corinna moved from Germany to Scotland more than ten years ago and has recently completed a PhD in self-translation of Gaelic poetry. Her new website is available in English and German.

Nice Wee Theme for Wordpress 2.7

Versions 1.1 and 1.2 of the Nice Wee Theme are compatible with Wordpress 2.7 but don’t take advantage of its threaded comments, so we’ve released a new version (Nice Wee Theme 1.3) that does. There will be a bit of a lag before it’s added to the theme database, but you can download it here and view the demo site, now running on 2.7. Version 1.3 of the theme is backwards-compatible with previous Wordpress versions.

Also in this version we’ve enabled comments for pages. Wordpress includes the comment form on pages by default, so if you’re upgrading from a previous version of the theme and suddenly have unwanted commenting, you can turn this off in the ‘Edit Pages’ bit in the admin panel. You’ll need to do this for each page.

Nice Wee Theme passes 1000 downloads


Hebridean Graphics

Hebridean Graphics

Hebridean Graphics is a graphic design and sign-making business based on North Uist and serving the local area and beyond. Lorraine Burke, who runs the business, designs corporate identities, logos, signage, vehicle graphics, leaflets and brochures. The new Hebridean Graphics website, designed by Lorraine and implemented by us, showcases her portfolio.

Outer Hebrides Soap Shack

The Outer Hebrides Soap Shack now has an online shop. It sells soaps, bath bombs, bath melts and a range of gift boxes – perfect for Christmas presents – all handmade on the island of South Uist. Delivery is worldwide, or select the “local pickup” option if you live locally and would prefer to collect your order in person.

Outer Hebrides Soap Shack

Nice Wee Theme 1.2

An updated version (1.2) of the Nice Wee Theme is now available here. It looks the same but this time the avatar is included in the sidebar whether or not widgets are used (with the previous version, if you opted to use sidebar widgets, the avatar wasn’t included by default).

Nice Wee Theme

Nice Wee Sites is pleased to announce the launch of a new theme for Wordpress, the Nice Wee Theme. It’s a minimalist brown-on-white design, very much in the Nice Wee Sites style of things, and allows you to upload your own avatar and choose an appropriate header icon. Read more and download it here, or view the demo site.